You’ve likely heard about the cloud, but maybe you’re uncertain about how the cloud works, what benefits are offered through the cloud, and whether or not the cloud is the right choice for you.

Is cloud technology the right choice for your business?

Cloud computing has the potential to reduce costs and enhance productivity, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. To effectively adopt cloud technologies, you’ll need to select the right solution and take precautions prior to migrating.

This is where Correct Solutions comes in. Our team of technology experts will help you analyse your business needs and identify the right combination of services to fit your needs.

A flexible tailored solution – including the option to leverage our own Private Cloud infrastructure

Correct Solutions built our own private cloud 5 years ago to support our existing customer base. In addition to this, we work with a multitude of service providers of both public and private cloud and are extremely well placed to help you select the right cloud solution for your business.

You won’t be faced with an ‘all or nothing’ option, whether you’re looking to dip into the world of cloud computing or you’re looking to achieve a completely hosted solution, we’re here to help you migrate in a seamless manner.

We offer a range of options:

Virtual Private Servers

  • Move physical infrastructure into the cloud for a more scalable, flexible platform with anytime, anywhere access.

Virtual Private Desktops

  • Run your business from a virtual desktop on a remote server rather than locally for greater stability, scalability and flexibility.

Hosted Exchange

  • Switch to a hosted platform that eliminates the hassle and cost of upgrading and maintaining infrastructure.

Microsoft Office 365

  • Leverage all of the collaboration and productivity tools you depend on from any device or location for a flat-rate monthly fee.

RedeemDR Offsite Backup

  • Keep information backed up and stored in an offsite data centre that’s secure and reliable for quick recovery when needed.


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