One of the common questions around the cloud is whether it is possible to replace an on premise file server directly with cloud storage.

The answer is that it depends! However the trend is certainly in that direction. The reason for this is that generally a file server does more than just store files. For many businesses a file server is also a domain controller, which means that it maintains security and controls logins for all network users. Many file servers also run line of business applications that may not yet have a direct replacement in the cloud.

However, if you put all these additional functions that a server can perform aside, and focus purely on storage, then there are still some limitations to moving all of the data into the cloud. Common Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are easily migrated to the cloud, however files that are records based (such as databases) do not deal well with the latency that currently exists with broadband connections. Other issues can arise where files are very large (>10MB) simply because the time taken to download and save back up to the cloud upon completion can be much slower than what is currently experienced on a local network.

The cloud does offer many benefits when it comes to file storage, especially given the growing capacity and falling prices. There is also the ease of sharing information via the desktop or from a browser anywhere there is Internet access. There is no doubt that consideration should be invested in working out which files could be moved to the cloud, but at this stage, the recommendation is that not all files from a server can simply be uploaded to the cloud and continue to be accessed in exactly the same manner.

For some businesses it maybe possible to move all their files to the cloud, however for most businesses the best approach will be a hybrid implementation with some information remaining locally based. The trend is certainly for more and more information to reside in the cloud and no matter where your thought process falls today, you may be be taking cloud storage options into consideration when it comes to making the most of your IT investment.

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