Cloud computing is not just datacenters


When many people think of cloud computing they imagine warehouses and warehouses full of servers. This is only half the story. The real power of cloud computing actually lives in most people hands, their mobiles.

Servers in datacenters simply provide the ‘grunt’ to perform what the services provide. Your mobile device is typically where these services are delivered and utilized, which is really the important part of the equation for most people. Few care how things happen in the back end.

As devices and datacenters are becoming more powerful is there still a role for traditional desktops? The biggest limitation for most people when it comes to extended use of mobile devices is simply ergonomics. Every tried to type a 20 page report on a mobile device? Chances are you never have or never want to. A traditional keyboard is perfect for doing this, however it really doesn’t matter what this keyboard is plugged into now does it?

We are fast approaching the day when we’ll simply ‘dock’ our devices into things like large keyboards and screen that will allow us to work as we do with desktops today. For most people this arrangement will be more that suitable to allow them to continue to be productive. For a small minority existing desktop style machines will still be the way they need to get their work done but this will soon be the minority rather than the majority of people.

In the interim we will continue to see continued upgrades of mobile devices on a regular basis, however we see more and more customizations moving to the datacenters. This probably means that when you purchase a new device and login all your apps and configurations will be pushed to the device from the cloud. This will make upgrading almost seamless in the future. Ah what a world to look forward to.