Technology is constantly changing, so it comes as no surprise that there’s a constant need for training. What people learnt ten years ago may no longer be relevant. The systems put in place five years ago have now changed. It seems like only yesterday that your team was using M... More

Technology training is essential for productivity, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line. Keeping your staff, including new employees, up to date with the ins and outs of IT applications saves time and money. Plus, it increases your competitive edge in the digital culture o... More

Technology and computers are a critical part of most businesses today. The value of skilled and equipped people is even more important to a successful company. Combine technology and a skilled workforce, and you have a fast track to efficiency and productivity. Yet, computer trai... More

In 2012 we made a time capsule. We put in 15 tech predictions, contributed by staff members at the time, and locked the vault. In late 2017 we opened the vault to see how accurate our predictions had been. Ranging from the wild and wonderful, to the scarily accurate, the transiti... More

  It all started in a lounge room. Well, two lounge rooms to be precise. Twenty-one years ago, Wayne Small was sitting in his lounge room when he came up with an idea for an IT business. An idea about providing smart technology solutions to small and medium businesses. There... More

  Understanding the Key Differences Between Microsoft’s OneDrive and SharePoint Applications Microsoft’s collection of software is continually evolving. As it continues to grow, many users are noticing quite a bit of overlap between application capabilities. For business... More

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