Background When commercial building company Total Construction carried out annual performance reviews with staff, one area was continually raised. Employees wanted training on how to make the most of their Microsoft Office products. But they didn’t want something generic. They ... More

Background Vineyard Church is a Christian church based in Vineyard, NSW. The church has progressed in various stages of growth over the last 30 years to how it is today. It relies highly on volunteers to help with its operations including IT support, the youngest being only 16 ye... More

Gulf Western Oil was running their accounting system on an aging Small Business Server 2003.  Both the physical infrastructure and the operating system were struggling to keep up with the workload and they were seeing some real performance issues. As the incumbent IT Partner, Co... More

Alchemex provides reporting/Business Intelligence solutions that interact with a company’s accounting or payroll system and deliver financial and business management reports. Alchemex engaged Correct Solutions in February 2010 to conduct a Network Audit and provide recommendati... More

R Weatherdon & Co Pty Ltd had a really slow and aged Server.  Processing data was painful and the act of running reports was just taking far too much time and slowing down their productivity. Upon a referral from their Accounting software support company, R Weatherdon contac... More

Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) was in need of a Server upgrade. Their ageing infrastructure was out of warranty, creating a potential vulnerability to their business continuity in the event of a hardware failure. There were also the typical productivity issues tha... More

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