If you have or are planning on upgrading to Apple’s iOS9 on either your phone or iPad, you might want to take note of the following as one of Apple’s newest “enhancements”,while technically sound may cause you to fall off your chair when the bill finally comes through.

Wi-Fi Assist has been designed so that in the event that a Wireless network you are connected to deemed too slow or has a consistently weak signal, it will revert back to using your Mobile Data connection instead.

While in theory this is fantastic, most of us, myself included, already use a sizable portion of our included data allowance during our day to day operations, and this is just the thing that is likely to consistently see you breaching that allowance, thereby increasing your overall cost.

The major catch here is that while you still see the trusty Wi-Fi indicator at the top, you are actually using your mobile data.

The biggest problem here is that this setting is enabled by default and unless you manually turn it off the risk is there that you will get stung.

So, what’s the solution, I hear you say?

Open “Settings” and select “Mobile Data”. Once in, scroll all the way down until you see Wi-Fi Assist and turn it off! Simple as that!