There aren’t too many businesses that don’t on some level live and breathe email. Passing messages back and forth across the internet has streamlined the way we communicate. It has also lead to inherent problems with security, storage and continuity.

Whilst enhancing productivity on some levels, an Exchange Server without SPAM protection can waste hours of employee’s time. Emails without consistent branding can leave customers and other contacts confused about your company’s image. An Exchange store without proper management can become large and unruly, taking up valuable storage space and causing headaches for administrators attempting to manage the size of their users’ mailboxes.

That’s where a Mail Utilities Program comes into its own. Good management and sanitisation tools can alleviate the problems that revolve around sending, receiving and storing emails.


Call Correct to discuss your concerns, we can help you with:



  • Disclaimers and Signatures to help manage corporate branding
  • Mail blocking and redirection, for example if an employee has left and their mail needs to be delivered to a different address


  • Improved performance of the Exchange Server by reducing the load and increasing efficiency
  • Storing emails and documents so that they can’t be tampered with to help with compliance
  • Eliminating PST files by automatically archiving email history to a central store
  • Storing emails and documents in a way that makes them easy to search and restore
  • Identifying legal risks and managing productivity through reports


  • Anti-SPAM technology to trap the maximum quantity of SPAM and minimise false positives
  • Anti-Virus software to help combat Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Spyware and Adware

Business Continuity:

  • Assuring message delivery
  • Allowing time to perform server or network maintenance without the risk of emails bouncing
  • Stopping identity theft and domain blacklisting