One of the major forces changing the way that businesses operate is the utilization of social technologies. A McKinsey and Company survey of leading enterprises found that 90% reported measurable benefits gained from implementing social platforms. Some of these benefits included:

  • Saved time, money and effort on change management processes
  • Generated new products with higher likelihood of success upon launch
  • Reduced operational, customer service and training costs
  • Identified new leaders in the company and retained talent to stimulate future growth

One of the leaders with enterprise social is Microsoft, with its Yammer service that is available to most Office 365 users.

It is amazing to see home many businesses are now starting to embrace Yammer and the changes that it brings to an organization. To get some idea of the possibilities it is worthwhile watching the Moments video at:

What a social enterprise allows is the removal of departmental silos. It allows people anywhere across the business to participate and become more involved. This promotes a greater feeling of worth for an employee and generally increases their loyalty to the organization. It is also a great way of obtaining fresh ideas on how to solve a problem.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the incorporation of social into their businesses. With tools like Office 365, SharePoint and Yammer, this is now much easier than it ever used to be.