Beat your competition with technology


Too many businesses use technology today because ‘they have to’. Few seem to view it as a way they can achieve competitive advantage, however there is strong evidence to support that fact that the more focus businesses place on becoming effective and efficient with technology the more competitive they are.

Being more competitive starts with the small things. Are there processes that could be automated using technology? Are there tasks that could more easily be accomplished using technology? Are there solutions to prevent double handling within a business? Becoming more competitive with technology is not going to magically materialized, it is going to take some time and effort to achieve but the results should be well worthwhile.

Part of being more competitive is thinking differently and focusing on the advantages that technology can provide customers. We have all experienced the hopelessness of being routed through an automated phone response system and having to decide on options that aren’t particularly relevant to our call. These are examples of technology implementations that benefit the business more than the customer.

A more customer centric approach to the utilization of technology is the development of a web portal that allows customers to go in and view the progress of their order and update their own information directly. Even a location where customers can download documentation, forms, etc. can help make things easier for a customer to do business with you.

It is far too easy these days to permit technology to complicate the way that a customer deals with a business. It is also far too easy to allow technology to create inefficiencies within a business that frustrates staff as well customers. As with anything, inefficiencies can creep into any business and unfortunately they can be masked by technology. This is why it is important to regularly take a step back from your business and as the question as to whether what you have is really being of benefit. If it is isn’t then it is probably time for a change.

The greatest challenge is that it is impossible to be across all the opportunities that technology offers. This is where Correct Solutions can be of assistance. You should feel free to lean on our team of experts at any time to assist you better understanding how technology can benefit your business as well as to evaluate whether your existing implementations are performing as they should.