One of the fastest growing products for Microsoft recently has been Azure, but in simple terms what is it really?

The easiest way to think about Azure is that it is an ‘on demand’ data center. This means it can provide a range of services to any customers that once used to be restricted only to the largest businesses that could afford to run their own data centers. By providing data centers around the world to range of customers Microsoft is able to continually drive down the prices while continuing to add features.

The next point with Azure is that it needs to be considered as a range or services, any of which you can take advantage of generally at a per minute rate. Thus, if you need to run up a server you can use the Azure Virtual Machine Service. If you need a web site you could use the Azure Web Sites services. A database, the Azure SQL service and so on.

Azure also has the ability to extend your on-premise infrastructure by allowing secure connections via a VPN. This illustrates that Azure is not a cloud only solution, but really a simple way for you to be able to extend what you need for your business without all the hassle of doing everything yourself.

So there you have it, an easy way to think about Azure and what it maybe able to do for your business. For more information on how Azure could help you simply contact us here at Correct on (02) 8831 8200 for a no obligation consultation.