In this fast paced world, everyone appears to be so busy and yet never seem to get things done. It is not a question of how much they are doing, but probably more a question of what they shouldn’t be doing.

Although we have the most modern technology at our finger tips, is it something that we control or is it actually the reverse? We should be the master of technology and not allow ourselves to answer emails or do Facebook in the middle of the night, just because the phone is handy.

The focus of productivity should not be on doing something quickly, it should be based on what needs to be done to be effective first, rather than being efficient at what doesn’t matter. In many cases this means removing the distractions so you can focus on what actually needs to be done.

It is far too easy to let our lives be dominated by the never ending flood of emails into our inboxes. If you focus on this as a means of setting your work, then you are letting others set your priorities and divert you from what might actually need to be done.

Consider how more advanced our society is, how powerful the technology we have available, but ask yourself why you don’t have more free time to pursue the things that you want to? Wasn’t freeing up your time a job that technology was supposed to do?

The real problem is that the default for much technology is providing greater distraction. The secret therefore is to ensure you configure your technology so that it makes you more productive. This means turning off all the bings, dings and alerts when you need to focus. It also means having the discipline to turn off the technology at times.

If you find yourself always struggling to get things done and keep up, it may be time to step back and look at how you are using technology and whether it is in fact actually helping you get things done, or simply providing distraction. Correct can help you and your staff get the most from the technology you use. We can show you how to be more effective with what you need to do, and show you how technology can improve the ways that you as a business work. All you need to do is contact us.