This post is courtesy of our Field Technician Colin Amos

Since about November last year, in addition to playing AFL, running etc. I have been stepping up my cycling interest, with the added benefit of losing 12 kilos along the way. With the summer months around the corner along comes more opportunities to participate in cycling events especially fundraising. Fundraising is something that I have always been keen in doing, having run the City to Surf twice raising funds for Father Riley’s ‘Youth off the streets’

Now I have two fundraisers that I am participating in, the first raising funds for Kids Cancer the second being for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The first event is well under way where during the month of Oct you set a goal of how many Km’s you want to ride and raise funds whilst trying to achieve it. By the 5th Oct I had ridden 273Km and was looking good until a small injury requiring surgery stopped me in my tracks. I am hoping that I will get a few rides in by the end of the month and get close to the 500km goal that I set myself.

The second is the legendary Sydney to Gong ride, raising funds to combat MS. This is a little more close to my heart with one of my sisters diagnosed with the dreadful disease. Quite ironic because when I was 13 (too many years ago!) I participated in the MS-Read-a-Thon and won a t-shirt.

All of this was to step up the training with the ultimate goal in getting on the Tour de Cure, riding from Sydney to Hobart over ten days! Unfortunately I didn’t make the team, however my aim is for the next one in 2015.

So in winding up, if by the time you read this article and the event is still current, here are the links to make a donation, large or small for a great cause then see the info below.

Great Cycle Challenge – Month of Oct

MS Sydney to Gong ride – 3rd November