The old saying “What goes around comes around” seems to be further from the truth when it comes to technology. We have moved from mainframes and dumb terminals to Local Area Networks, and now we are moving to the cloud with access to applications via a browser only.

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to managing IT systems is controlling desktop machines. Instead of taking the time to install, patch and maintain a local desktop when a user is in front of it, a move to accessing these desktops remotely (like the old days of dumb terminals) is gaining momentum. By moving desktops to the cloud, you gain a lot more control and flexibility, as well as the ability to access these desktops in just about any location and on just about any device.

Basically a virtual desktop is simply a full desktop that is hosted in a data centre. Typically it is run on a virtualisation platform, to provide flexibility in the ability to quickly allocate resources. From an IT management perspective, virtual desktops provide much greater control of things such as policies and management, which have been lacking with the migration of systems to the cloud.

Each user is allocated a desktop onto which is installed all the applications they require. In this respect, a virtual desktop functions exactly like a normal desktop as far as an end user is concerned. When they are finished with their desktop they log out as normal.

Using virtual desktops allows much better utilisation of existing hardware with multiple desktops being run on a single machine. It is also easy to spin up additional desktops as required. Maintenance is a breeze since administrators typically have full access to all desktops, and they are located in the one location. They can run up a new virtual desktop from a pre-canned image as well.

Given the growth in the need of people to access their desktops where ever they are and from any device, virtual desktops make more and more sense. From an administration point of view, virtual desktops provide administrators with the control that has been lacking with the general move to the cloud. The growth of large provider data centres such as those from Microsoft, Amazon and Google are driving down the price of these virtual desktops.

Correct is also able to offer virtual desktops from its own data center so we’d suggest that you contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits that virtual desktops can provide. Feel free to contact us on 02 8831 8200.

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