The fastest growth in technology these days is apps. Why? Because they are cheap, and also because they run on mobile devices that just about everyone has. However, why are we only at the beginning of the growth in apps? Simple. Because the majority of the world are yet to gain access to the Internet.

Places such as India and China are yet to see the majority of their population access the Internet but the chances are that they will be soon be doing so, and doing so via a cheap mobile device. This means that we are still poised at the threshold of the growth in apps.

Have a look at your mobile device today. How many apps do you have installed? More importantly, how many of them do you use regularly? Chances are that you have half a dozen apps that you use on a regular basis, another half a dozen or so that you use occasionally and the rest never see the light of day. Like any technology, it is always best practice to uninstall any apps that you aren’t using to reduce the attack ‘footprint’ on the device, as well as freeing up resources for new apps.

Even desktop operating systems are moving the way of ‘apps’ as we now see with Windows 8. It will probably take a much longer time for apps to be accepted on the desktop but it does seem like the writing is on the wall for the old methods of software distribution via CD-ROMs and even downloads. In future, you’ll simply go to an apps store, search and install what you need, then in the background it will always update without you even knowing.

It may even be time for your business to start considering building its own app. It doesn’t have to be that complex, just something simply to allow customers to more easily work with you. Doing so can pay real dividends and tie customers to your business for much longer.