Apple Watch details revealed


Apple has provided more information around its Watch product at a recent event. You can pre-order all models starting April 10th and they will start shipping from April 24. The price starts at AU$799 with the most expensive option being AU$1,649. There are further high end options (in 18 karat gold) that start at AU$10,000 all the way up to AU$24,000!

The Watch communicates with an iPhone over both Bluetooth and WiFi. You will be able to install specific Watch apps from the App Store but these will need to be done using an iPhone. Apple has stated that the Watch should get around 18 hours of battery life, which still means that you’ll need to be charging it once a day.

The Watch is a music player, a fitness tracker, can send and receive messages as well as use third party applications. Importantly, it will also include Apple Pay to make credit card payments at terminals, as well as control an Apple TV.

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch does a lot, but it also costs a lot and for many things, requires connection to an existing iPhone. The other major limitation is that it will be required to be charged every day. So now you’ll have to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch overnight.

In typical Apple fashion, they have moved more slowly into the wearable market but will probably set the standard against which all other devices will be measured. Apple will also bring a much more refined and “average” customer focused product than what others have already brought to market. Apple again is aiming at its core demographic of affluent users to retain profitability.

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch will be a big seller simply because it is the latest product from Apple. However, like the initial iPod, iPhone, iPad and so on, it is probably a better bet to wait a little while after the product has released before buying one if you are not particularly desperate. The release of the Apple Watch however does point to the importance of wearables going forward. Is perhaps the next big trend in wearables something like the Microsoft Hololens and augmented reality?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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