Adonit Jot Pro

This post is courtesy of Correct Field Technician Derek Tse

Ever since I started using the iPad, the first thought I had was ‘can I replace pen & paper with a tablet?’.

After using many styluses on my iPad, here are my favourite 3 –


First off the bat is the Adonit Jot Pro – Gun Metal Grey.

First look at the stylus, it oozes professionalism. The gun metal grey matte finish give it class and would not look out of place in a business environment, but you can choose either red, silver or turquoise coloured pens.

My wife would think that something was wrong with me for saying this (as my default preference is usually black), but I wish I did purchase the turquoise coloured pen as it looks nice and it does stand out from the black/white/grey crowd.

Adonit has put in a lot of work to ensure that the stylus is comfortable in your hand. It is the roughly the same size and length of a regular plastic pen with a lid which acts as an extender and cap to ensure that the tip is protected. The stylus does have some weight to it but it still feels light in your hand. Thanks to its aluminium and steel body it is pretty solid and hardy and will cope with a few bumps in your bag. The soft silicone grip takes up half of the pen, which allows the pen to be held in different positions for writing and drawing without any problems of fatigue.


What set this stylus apart from the rest is the tip, it is designed for precision. Majority of all the styluses use a soft dome rubber as the nib. This is the major drawback as you cannot be precise and you don’t get a smooth flow for writing.

You can see what you are writing through the clear disc which is a bonus for drawing, and since the tip can swivel, you can comfortably hold the stylus in any position.


In summary

This stylus is well crafted with an aluminium and steel body wrapped with a soft black rubber grip, making it great for precision writing and drawing. An added bonus is that the stylus will magnetize to the side of the iPad for easy storage.

The downside, however, is that you need to be careful with the tip as it is a moving part and the magnetizing works better on the left side of the iPad compared to the right.

Stay tuned for the review on the Lunatik Touch Pen.