One of the trends that has been gaining momentum is the concept of wearable computing. One of the most high profile examples of this recent was that of Google Glass.


The concept is that you wear a headset with a small screen in front of your eyes that is connected to your smart phone (Android only of course). At the moment this allows you to some basic interactions such as read text messages, get directions and information about things like the weather.

Even though it is early days more wearable devices are becoming popular. One major trend is the growth in personal fitness devices that monitor a range of health information including things like how many steps you take a day. One such device is Fitbit, which has a number of wearable devices that allow you to track not only you activity but also your sleep. It monitors you during the day and then automatically uploads the data to the Fitbit website where you can view a dashboard of all teh information over time.

Another wearable device that seems to be growing in popularity is the smart watch. Apple, Google, Samsung and Sony are all rumoured to be working on models or have already released something.


In many cases again, these devices need to be paired with a compatible smart phone to access the complete range of capabilities. Many doubt the acceptance of watches given the general trend away from them for most younger folks. It is amazing to see how small and powerful these devices have become none the less. We are certainly approaching the ‘Dick Tracey’ point of the future it would seem.

Whatever the future holds, wearable tech is a trend worth keeping an eye on as devices get smaller and smaller and likewise get smarter and smarter. Soon we’ll have devices embedded in things like our shoes that will tell us how much sole we have left and when we should look at replacing them.