One of the recent additions to applications for Windows phones is Office Lens. This clever app will allow you to take a picture of something like a whiteboard full of doodles and save that directly to OneNote. Even better, it will convert what is written down into text and make it searchable.

You can read more about the Office Lens app at:

The app is also great for capturing things like receipts and doing so no matter what angle you take the picture at.

Unfortunately at this stage Office Lens is only available for the Windows Phone platform but it is expected to eventually become available elsewhere. However, OneNote is available on all platforms and if you haven’t already looked at what OneNote can do then you certainly should!

OneNote is a digital notebook that comes with every version of Office. It is also available as part of both Office 365 and OneDrive consumer via a browser. You can create a OneNote notebook and then fill it with as much digital information as you like. OneNote easily accommodates text, images, documents, free hand and more. It will also automatically index this information and make it easily available via a global search function.

Even though OneNote makes great sense in a business it also makes great sense in assisting us organising the busy lives we lead away from the Office. As part of OneDrive you can save and sync OneNote notebooks so they are available where ever you are. They also provide the ability to be accessed while offline if needed.

OneNote can provide so many benefits in freeing you from the clutter of Post It notes and scribbles on bits of paper. If you have a Windows phone you should also look at Office Lens to provide even more functionality and simplification of your life.