There’s absolutely no denying that businesses in this day and age have a need for speed. A slow Internet connection can cost a business much more than the small savings offered by a cheaper Internet service. As businesses continue to embrace cloud technology, the potential to lose significant levels of productivity per employee each year due to slow Internet is a growing concern.

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Whilst it’s always tempting to save on costs wherever you can, having a fast connection can limit stress and help you focus on what is really important – growing your business.

Here are 7 ways that high speed Internet can relieve you of some major headaches.

Stress #1: Lack of Time

If your life is anything like ours, then you’ve probably got a lot to do, and not enough time to do it all. With such busy schedules, stress levels also tend to increase and the last thing you need is to be sitting there waiting for your files and images to download. Time is the one asset you cannot buy more of. Having a faster download speed reduces download times and improves the performance of cloud systems, taking away some of that unnecessary stress and making your life a little bit easier.

Stress #2: Increased Risk of Failed Backups

If you have slow Internet, it’s likely that you may be stuck using hard drives for all your backups. While there is nothing wrong with using hard drives as a first layer of backup, it certainly shouldn’t be the only backup method that you use.

The risk to your business if your primary backups fail could be catastrophic. Having reliable off-site backups that automatically occur will help reduce the risk of data loss. To use these services effectively, it’s absolutely necessary to have an Internet service that can deliver data to off-site backup services quickly and reliably.

Stress #3: Lack of Team Collaboration Opportunities

As we continue to need to work across the globe, your team needs access to the right technology to allow them to work collaboratively. Your Internet service can enable tools such as online conferencing and screen sharing, saving you money on travel expenses while keeping your team productive and effective.

Stress #4: Inefficient or Expensive Communication Systems

Traditional phone communication systems are often expensive and require significant resources to keep them performing optimally. However, Voice over IP (VoIP) telecommunications allow you to have lower telecommunications costs while enabling your team to have easy access to mobile integration, call routing, conferences, and lots of other helpful communication features. Having an Internet service that can handle this opens new doors to your staff.

Stress #5: Not Being Able to Share Large Files

Imagine this: You’ve spent an entire day creating a massive presentation for a client proposal, but when you go to send them the file, you realise your Internet connection is so slow that pushing the file out will take days! Having a high-speed connection ensures that you’ll be able to quickly and easily share larger files with your clients and team members.

Stress #6: Customer Service Shortcomings

Being able to respond to customer enquiries in a timely manner is a major factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. Surely, if your customers are kept waiting as your CRM system loads, or are kept waiting before they can receive invoices, it creates a bad impression in their minds. High-speed Internet can certainly help your Admin and Customer Service teams get things done faster – leading to overall greater customer satisfaction.

Stress #7: Experiencing Connectivity Issues

With so much of your business’ technology relying on your Internet connection to function, connectivity issues are a massive problem. A connection failure can derail your entire day and cause huge delays. This loss of productivity can easily lead to a loss of profits, effectively erasing any benefit to your budget as a result of your cheaper Internet package. If your connection is unreliable as well as slow, your whole business could be in jeopardy.

If and when any issues arise surrounding your Internet connection, your provider should be able to quickly identify the problem and help you rectify it. You can even have a Service Level Agreement that guarantees a certain amount of uptime or response time when repairs are needed. Your Internet connection can be a huge source of stress for business owners, but it shouldn’t be. There are affordable solutions available.

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