time management

Productivity is something we all aim to achieve. I mean, why not?

Every person wants to make the most of their time, however with the rise in social media and the constant emails, messages and meetings, sometimes we lose track of time and how to best manage it.

Here are some simple, yet effective ways you can focus on boosting your productivity.

1. Start your day a little earlier

Even if it’s just 10 minutes earlier than your normal start date, if you can come into work a little earlier and take the time to check your emails, have a coffee and plan your day, you’ll be able to get into a more focused mindset before the 9:00am rush kicks in.

2. Think about creating value – not just doing your hours
Productivity isn’t just about how much time you spend at work, it’s about creating value for your business while you are working. Rather than looking at the clock and thinking you’ve got to ‘work for the next 3 hours’, try and think of 3 things you want to achieve in the next 3 hours. Moving from a time based mindset to a value mindset can really drive better results.

3. Say “no” to distractions.
Mobile apps offer a very tempting opportunity to check your social media profiles, chat to a friend or find out when the next social event is on. We say that you should give yourself designated times to check the social things like lunch times, but doing so while you’re working can be the killer of all things productive. I know so many people who keep their phones right next to them and respond to every text message instantly.

Sure, if the text is about work, then do so, but if it’s something you can respond to in the afternoon or evening, it’s often a good idea to avoid it during your workday.

4. Keep your meetings pointed and brief

Seem impossible? I know the feeling. Meetings seem to go on and on and take up hours of your day. While it’s important to communicate with your team and other stakeholders, keeping a clear agenda and trying to get to the point could save you a whole lot of time. If that doesn’t work, then hold all your meetings standing up — that might have the same result!

5. Don’t be so reactive.
Time management is crucial to the success of each individual and to businesses. While it’s often our nature to respond to each email as it comes, you don’t need to respond to every email immediately or start actioning the to-do from the email before your other priority tasks. Focus on priorities instead of reacting to every immediate event.

We’ll leave this blog nice and short, after all we’ve got some work to do. Catch you next time!