2008, The Year To Come

Let me start off by saying Happy New year, by now most people will be back at work and wishing they could go back on holiday again!!

But let’s look forward to the year. This year will see some big changes to IT yet again. Microsoft will be releasing their new Server 2008 product, which means they will also be releasing their new Small Business Server version too; it’s called “SBS Cougar” at the moment, but will be given a standard name before launch.   Whilst we can’t talk too much about SBS Cougar due to Non Disclosure Agreements with Microsoft, we can say that it is built on the next version of Windows Server 2008 and inherits a number of the security and performance enhancements that are part of that product. In addition, SBS Cougar promises to extend the functionality with Exchange 2007 for email, inbuilt AntiSpam capabilities, enhancements to Remote Web Workplace and other really cool features that are yet to be publicly announced.   While there are far more products coming out, I would also like to let you know about the year ahead for Correct Solutions.

The end of 2007 saw us install ConnectWise, CW is a support and ticketing system designed for IT companies only. This platform will help give us more transparency with how we support you as well as giving you greater insight as to the current status of any jobs we are completing for you. By now we would have spoken directly with you about this change, how you can log into the system to add work, print invoices and check on a status of a job, however if you still have questions or would like more information, please give us a call, we are more than happy to get feedback, both good and bad on areas where we can support our clients better.   And what would all these changes be without us changing and updating our website? One of our clients has helped us re-design our website to give it a new fresh look and to help us get away from the “geek” feel of the old site. Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more content to the website as well as blogs and news items to keep the content fresh and current.   Lastly and most important, I would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and staff for their work during 2007 and look forward to working with you again in 2008.

A prosperous year to all!

Ryan Spillane